Carl Anderson

OK - I know I am behind the times and a little disconnected, but I just found out that one of my favorite musical artists passed away in Feb of 2004.  I love musicals.  I love the passionate music, the interweaving of stories and the escapism they offer.  The raw performances of some musical artists is simply, moving!

As I write this, I am watching Jesus Christ Superstar, with Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson.  What great performances and music.  So, I started poking around Wikipedia wanting to get more information on the production of the play and the music. I went to the bottom of the web page and there was a note about the later performances in the 2000's.  There, in that paragraph was a note about Carl Anderson losing his battle with Leukemia in February 2004! FUCK!  My dad died in December 2004 of Leukemia.

I saw Carl Anderson as Judas in 1999 (I think) - it was great!  I loved it, he was really good.  Then I just saw Ted Neeley and Corey Glover last Christmas in San Jose and it was also a really good performance (especially by Neeley).

THAT was supposed to be the reunion tour of Anderson and Neeley.  I know I am late by 5 years... but Carl... I am still singing your songs as you did!  You were truly a force to be reckoned with in music.




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