George W. Bush to Create Coloring Book for Blind!

OK - not really, but that is all I would think he is capable of writing. Unless his book is about his known upbringing and apparent lack of a moral compass, I am not sure what he intends to write.  He should write a book on the complete and utter failure of his 8 year administration, everything from the erosion of our constitutional rights to the approved torture of detainees in Cuba.  We cannot forget the 8 years of having a failed congress and president do nothing but spend and expand the government, when they were supposed to be contracting and making less government!!!

Not sure if the Neo Con agenda was pushed properly or if George just pulled out his 8 ball and shook it a bit to come up with his own idea of how we should be working.  All I know is that in the past 100 days, Obama has had some really difficult choices to make and hopefully these choices will be good for the shocking of our economic system.  I don't know a lot about economics - I am an I.T. guy! I know computers.  I know networking. 

What I don't get is why the hell George W. Bush would write a book about decisions!  Who is going to buy this book - maybe ultra conservative republicans.  I might buy it to see what he has to say - but it isn't going to be an apologetic message to the American People - I believe George is fairly narscisistic and he truly believes that he has done everything correct and without impunity.

Can't wait to see that COLOR BY NUMBERS book, George!



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