Shocked and Saddened

I watched the news last night.  Story of 3 Oakland police officers dead and 2 shot (now, it is 4 dead), and all I can fathom and I am speechless. 

Speechless except for one thing:  on MSNBC's website, a cousin of the assailant, Lovelle Mixon, states that "...he is not a monster" in reference to Lovelle's actions.  I have one thing to say: BULLSHIT.  If anything, Lovelle was an embodiment of pure evil, no matter which way you cut it.  Here we have an embattled city, losing its war on crime and just trying to put behind it the traumatic and tragic shooting at the BART station... and now this! 

Four heroic police officers have given the ultimate sacrifice.  This is why we need gun control for automatic weapons and such.  I think we should be able to have rifle's, but handguns and semi-auto and auto rifles need to be police/military only. 

What a sad and tragic day.

A moment of silence of the dead!

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