Let the Fear Engine Roll-On!

"People - Nothing to see here - please move on."

Just like a million motorists hoping to catch a glimpse at the possibility of their future splayed out on the side of the road, rubbernecking as they creep along to their domiciles, many of the American Idiots are glued to their televisions awaiting any sort of coverage on the Swine Flu!


In a 1 hour news broadcast last night, a full 23 minutes was devoted to the Swine Flu, which to this point has only infected 60 people out of 350 million in the United States (which I think translates to like .0000000172 % of the population).  

People are driving in droves to their local pharmacy or drug store and snatching up every single item off the shelf to do with anti-viral meds, masks, etc. etc. in hopes of being more preventive than reactive.  GOOD FOR YOU.  Want preventive medicine?


Wow - was that clear enough?  The Fear Monger Engine is in full swing and the media is proliferating it and the American Idiot is eating it up!

Sad, sad, sad....


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