Not our brightest hour...

So, let me briefly set this up... The last time our little girl had a tooth that was ready to pop-out, she ended up losing it in a pillow fight with her brother.  It was a fun and easy way to get the tooth out of her head... and it worked without us thinking about it.

So, fast forward to today (some 6 months later) and Erica has another tooth that stubbornly refuses to let go.  It is beginning to look as if we will have to take Erica to the dentist (his name is Dr. Rabitz, no shit!!) and get it extracted, but the last time she 'went' to Dr. Rabitz, we walked out with a totally stoned little girl who had super emotional mood swings, as well as a bill for some 500 dollars (most of which was attributed to the 'calming drink' administered to ease Erica's nerves).

 I am sitting at my desk, typing away, preparing for my first day at my new job, starting tomorrow, and I cannot help but catch the following:

Cynthia: Andrew, come hit your sister with a pillow again to knock that tooth out

Andrew: OK

Now - mind you - my fatherly instincts are a little dull at this point, after spending several days with my kids.  I have this little red light in my head that sounds an alarm when basic common sense is missing... it must have mis-fired... because I kept typing.  Maybe I made an assumption that because my wife was in the room, she could handle things, as an adult! 

At any rate, my COMMON SENSE alarm did not go off, nor did I even glance over and watch the scene unfold.  {Note: there is a small part of me that would like to kick myself in the ass for not turning to watch - you cannot get any better 'reality' than this}

Then I hear it:


I would like to make clear that at this point, the common sense alarm did fire off and I turned to see my daughter cradling her face, bawling her eyes out.  In hindsight, the common sense alarm also was telling me that I should have filmed it... maybe it could be with $10,000.00 someday or someway! 

Anyway - Erica got a face full of pillow and a bit of 'PAIN' and Andrew felt really bad because he wanted to help knock out her tooth, but as stated before - the first incident was spontaneous, rambunctious fun.  This was a calculated hit with my poor defenses daughter standing there, chin out, my wife watching. 

It was a bad idea... and worse execution. This should make good blackmail fodder for the future!  Only in our household.

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