Swine Flu Confusion - WALK, DON'T RUN!

Folks - do not be fooled by the mainstream media.  Do not be taken in by the color graphics and the concerned look on the reporters face.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT PANIC!

Is there something occurring, called the Swine Flu?  Yes.

Could it be fatal? It has shown to be in about 8% of the cases in Mexico City.

Is it in America?  Yes, a less virulent form of it.

But TURN ON THE NEWS or LISTEN TO THE RADIO and that is all we are hearing over the past few days... Swine This... and Swine That!

Did you know that on average, every year, there are 36,000 DEATHS from the common Flu Virus in AMERICA!? (source: LINK)  From the same article, it states that over 200,000 people require hospitalization.  

Yesterday the news agencies reported on how the STOCK MARKET was not fairing well because of fears about the SWINE FLU PANDEMIC - they are already 'bracing' us for the moniker of PANDEMIC - OK - Question - Does anyone know what a PANDEMIC is?

The Definition of Pandemic is:
pandemic |panˈdemik|adjective
(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

Prevalent over a WHOLE country or the WORLD?  Hmmm - not quite there yet.  Not even in the same ballpark - the common FLU infects MORE PEOPLE a year than this thing is.  

Am I worried - I am worried about any thing that has the potential for doing any damage to my body more than I stupidly allow to happen through my own recklessness - that includes the cold, the flu, walking up a hill in the snow in my underwear!!!  But I am not worried about this.

Further proof that the mainstream media are a bunch of fear-mongers is that I turned on the Channel 2 (KTVU) news this AM and the first 7 minutes are all Swine related with a picture of the world splayed behind the newscaster that has certain countries painted in bright RED colors - including Mexico, the United States, Spain and I think Ireland or Scotland...  I mean - WTF?!

If seeing Swine Flu Outbreak as a caption and then BLOOD RED graphics of where it is doesn't drive the fear perishing... I don't know what else would.  

Lay off the sensationalism and please try to have responsible journalism - idiots!

So why is it that we are buying into this? Why is it that the media is doing this?  I don't have that answer - maybe we all need something to occupy our time and give us a focus that the entire country can get behind. Maybe it has to do with unifying under one issue. 

Now excuse me while I go an purchase an allotment of Tami-Flu Anti-Viral drugs and N95 NIOSH classified respirator masks...  Hey - can't be too safe, can you?



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