Wanted a Beer - Not a Reality Check!

Cynthia didn't want to cook tonight.  I totally understand that and was more than willing to oblige her as after a long day of working in the yard and coaching 12 8-10 year olds, I too was not in the mind set of cooking tonight.

A pizza it is!

ME: "Hey, you want a beer with that"

CYN: "Yeah, that sounds good, pick up some Corona"

ME: "OK"

So grab my stuff and head out the door to the local market to acquire our beverage to have with our impending dinner of Amato's Pizza (REALLY GOOD PIZZA).

So I enter into the market, head for the 'bakery' first to pick up a nice desert and then the cold beer aisle to get the beer. Corona? Corona Light? Coronitas? (Coronitas are smaller versions of the Corona Long necks)

Corona it is - off to the front to check out.

Place my items on the conveyor and get ready to flash my ID for age verification.  I step up to the stand and put my wallet out for the person to read and she  looks at it and the following dialogue ensues:

CHECKER: "I can't read the date, it is blocked.  Could you please..."

{checker looks up at me to finish her conversation}

CHECKER: "... Oh - never mind."

ME: "Wait, Ummh..."

I fumble, unsure of what just occurred.  I stand dumbfounded knowing that I either look really hagard and obviously light years older than the drinking age of 21... but SHIT!  I continue to follow her last instruction before I clearly went into a state of shock, and remove my license from my wallet to produce to her as if I was still this twenty something trying to PROVE I was just over the age.

Cleary shocked and awed by my experience, I complete my transaction and with tail tucked between my legs and head staring at the floor as I walk out... I mumble my thanks and walk out feeling like I need to run by the local Social Security office to ensure they have my address for my SS checks, that should be coming any day now.

I pass by a window in which I can make out the faint view/outline of a 37 year old coach, father and husband from Almaden Valley.  He has strong features and has a certain distinguished look about him.  Not bad... for an Old Guy!

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