Hulu Rocks + Other Goodness

Wow - summer is fast approaching - the kids are gearing up to be released from their academic asylum's and my father-in-law is also being pardoned for 35 years of servitude to the State of California in his capacity as a an academic teacher with Saratoga High School.  A lot is funneling down the Teeple Highway this coming month.

But I digress for a bit to talk a little bit about a cool new app I happened upon.  You might have heard it - HULU.  The odd ball commercials where the star of a hit show turns out to be an alien in disguise hoping to fill our countless, endless hours with streaming content galore in the hopes of turning our already soft brains into an even more gelatinous pile of goo so they can suck it out with a straw while basking on the beaches in Maui or something like that.

The cool thing is... HULU really is cool and if you have a high speed Internet Access (3.0 Mbps line or greater, then you are in for a really cool treat.  Don't just go to site, but look for the HULU desktop application within their LABS area. I downloaded this cool app for the Macintosh operating system and it really rocks.  I get better looking video over the Internet than I do with my slingbox on my local network here at the house.

And...  It is total video on demand - it works great!

Other things to report - hoping for some goodness from the ADC coming up shortly.  Maybe a iPhone 3G version 2 release with 3.0 O.S.   There is a rumor that the MacBook Unibody will be rebranded as a 13" Macbook Pro.  That is cool.  It practically is already.

I am about 70 days away from our annual summer vacation to NewPort Beach, CA - looking forward to that and enjoying a nice weekend home with the family.

Peace and Love, Peace and Love,



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