Rememberance - How Soon We Forget

Memorial Day is fast approaching us all and this is a great time and opportunity to remember what that day is about.   It isn't a day off of school or a day away from work.  It doesn't mean we can't go to the bank, or it is the beginning of summer or extended hours at your local amusement park.  It is a day of remembering those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom in the nation.

Hundreds of years ago, men fought and died for us in a war with the British to stand up and tell them that we would not go quietly and we demanded that they respect us and our choices.  The American Revolution was fought and men died for us.  Since that time, we have had many tests.  Tests of our democratic ideals.  Tests that were fought and won with the blood of our youth. 

I just finished watching a movie with Kevin Bacon called TAKING CHANCE.  A story of the homecoming of Pfc. Chance Phelps and the officer who escorted him.  I cried - it was so beautiful and caused me to remember the reason why we are the greatest nation in the world.

So, when you are out at the pool swimming with your kids, at the park, playing catch, or enjoying a day of nothing in your pajamas, remember those who are fighting now... who have fought in the past... who have perished for our flag, for our country and more importantly, for our freedom.

May God Bless the Service Men and Women of the United States Armed Services. 

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