Shocking American Idol - Not My Idol

The declination of an American Reality Standard is on the rise and it is the American Idol.  With last nights reveal of the new American Idol as Kris Allen, I felt we have slipped past being a responsible viewing community to just choosing the worst choice.  Not only was KRIS supposed to be gone and off the show 6 weeks ago, but the American Idol Favorite was not chosen.  I almost feel like Kris is this years Sanjaya. 

Clearly Adam Lambert has the more superior voice and control.  I don't fear for Adam - as Hard Rocker Daughtry from 2 seasons ago has made it himself and he was voted off in the #3 spot.  I am sure that Adam will land a great contract. I think a great disservice was done to the recording industry and American Idol has lost a bit of it's glamour.

Rock on Lambert.  I, for one, do not believe I will be returning next season.


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