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SPACE ACE: Now for the iPhone

It was the summer of 1984 and new video game company was making its mark with the release of two revolutionary games with a different type of graphical game play: Laser Discs.  For those too young to remember what the heck a LASER DISC was/is, just think of it as the grandfather of the modern day DVD disk - looks like a DVD disc but about the size of a vinyl record.
The name of that video game company?  Don Bluth Studios.  Yes, the very same Don Bluth Studios that made his beginning mark with Walt Disney company and then broke out solo with his own company and did some other full feature length projects like The Secret of NIMH (one of my favorites) and also went on to create An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven, etc.
The name of the game?  Space Ace.  Space Ace is the story of Dexter (who can transform with an energy power-up to become Space Ace) who seeks to rescue the damsel, Kimberly, from the evil character, called Borf. 

What makes this game so cool?  Don…

Emotionally Drained and Depressed - Rest in Peace Mr. Jackson

At the end of a hard day, there is nothing that helps release the tension of the day than a resounding escape into my music.  Open up the iTunes, turn up the volume and push play on any number of musical genres and artists that would either whisk me away to another time, when I was younger and things were simpler, or let the diddy of musical tunes evoke a cathartic experience that ends up being good for mind and soul.
Click on a little James Brown, maybe a bit of Sinatra.  Dial over to a Lennon tune, and then back up to either an Elvis or Michael Jackson tune.
Well - today heralds what I can only express as my children's Lennon experience.  When I was about 9 years old, John Lennon was murdered - gunned down in front of his home in New York upon return home.  A legend died before his time was up.  Very sad and depressing.  Even back then, I knew what was occurring and what an impact it had on music at that time.  I wish I could have said the same when Elvis died.  I was only 5 years…

Soft-Centered Americans - Come Squeeze Us

So, I am reading my local news sources talking about the 'hard-fought' victory against big tobacco with the recent push by our legislators to now REGULATE the selling/manufacturing of tobacco based products by the FDA, and I am thinking to myself... "What a bunch of soft-centered Americans." 

We are all, slowly, being put into nice padded rooms, with all sharp objects removed from our grasp as they lower the bicycle helmet down on our head, equipped with blinders and white noise generators.  A nation of milk-fed veal calves being prepared for the wholesale slaughter of our younger generations. 

Where is the spine of the American spirit.  When did Dr. Spock translate to equipping our kids with a pillow for protection from everything?  "You have to praise all the kids, equally?"  Why?  I know it is nice, but we are equating one child's skill to another and creating an atmosphere of mediocrity that will either confuse the hell out of the less equal childre…

AT&T - Continually chipping away at my loyalty

Keynote address just completed at the Moscone Center and Apple introduced some cool new things.  I am a big believer in the iPhone and love the technology. 
Imagine my surprise when the iPhone 3GS was announced - OK - I wasn't that surprised - there was wide-spread speculation on the Internet about the release of a new iPhone.  But some of the features are pretty cool.
So - what the heck - let's upgrade.  Following the keynote, dashed off to a browser to the Apple Store and put an iPhone 3GS in my shopping cart.  Went to check my plan from AT&T  for upgrade options... and... AT&T returned with NO OPTIONS but full retail price.
Now, I understand all the underwriting and 2 year contracts and all that crap from AT&T, but I have been a loyal user of AT&T since 1998 - over 11 years - and I would have to pay:

$599.00 for the 16 GB version
$699.00 for the 32 GB version

Hey AT&T - go F'  yourselves.  I don't think so.  I just purchased my iPhone 3G in December …