Emotionally Drained and Depressed - Rest in Peace Mr. Jackson

At the end of a hard day, there is nothing that helps release the tension of the day than a resounding escape into my music.  Open up the iTunes, turn up the volume and push play on any number of musical genres and artists that would either whisk me away to another time, when I was younger and things were simpler, or let the diddy of musical tunes evoke a cathartic experience that ends up being good for mind and soul.

Click on a little James Brown, maybe a bit of Sinatra.  Dial over to a Lennon tune, and then back up to either an Elvis or Michael Jackson tune.

Well - today heralds what I can only express as my children's Lennon experience.  When I was about 9 years old, John Lennon was murdered - gunned down in front of his home in New York upon return home.  A legend died before his time was up.  Very sad and depressing.  Even back then, I knew what was occurring and what an impact it had on music at that time.  I wish I could have said the same when Elvis died.  I was only 5 years old when the King of Rock passed on and even though I could sing and dance to his music, I wasn't clear on the impact of his death until a few years later.  With Lennon, I did realize that this person had a larger impact on Music.  Maybe it was my age that gave me a different perspective on the effect of the passing of a musical artists.  With time, I would probably have a better understanding of not only Lennon but of Elvis's passing. 

Now flash forward to today, June 25, 2009 and the unexpected, sudden passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  I sit here, still in shock, thinking that maybe a part of me wants to think this is staged to get him out of societies critical spotlight, but that part of me is the conspiracy nut who also believes that Elvis is still alive and the government planned and destroyed the twin towers in 2001 (NOTE: that is about 1/2 of 1/10th a percent of my real belief in both cases - Elvis is dead, and our own ignorance and stupidity allowed the attacks of 2001, not our government.)

Michael Jackson is gone.  50 years old.  Now, I am not old, but I have surpassed 37 wonderful years on this planet and hope to have at least another 37 more.  But with each passing of a person of notoriety, I start to measure my life to theirs.  What am I doing good?  Am I being the best person that I can be?  They died at 50 and I am 37 - that is only 13 years away.  What the Fuck?  Am I ready for death - would I be ready in 13 years? 

Remember, that Jesus tells us all, that we will not know our appointed time to be called home to the father.  I don't want to know when I die, but I have to live better for the present.  I must live better for my children and live in the spirit now.  I don't know when God will call me home and I hope I will be here for years and years and years...   But so too, did Michael, I am sure.

God rest and speed you home to heaven, Michael (and Farrah).



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