Soft-Centered Americans - Come Squeeze Us

So, I am reading my local news sources talking about the 'hard-fought' victory against big tobacco with the recent push by our legislators to now REGULATE the selling/manufacturing of tobacco based products by the FDA, and I am thinking to myself... "What a bunch of soft-centered Americans." 

We are all, slowly, being put into nice padded rooms, with all sharp objects removed from our grasp as they lower the bicycle helmet down on our head, equipped with blinders and white noise generators.  A nation of milk-fed veal calves being prepared for the wholesale slaughter of our younger generations. 

Where is the spine of the American spirit.  When did Dr. Spock translate to equipping our kids with a pillow for protection from everything?  "You have to praise all the kids, equally?"  Why?  I know it is nice, but we are equating one child's skill to another and creating an atmosphere of mediocrity that will either confuse the hell out of the less equal children, or create a paradigm of equality where equality doesn't exist.

I am more concerned with the message our government is sending to us as it pertains to this tobacco initiative.  The basic message is that we are all idiots and we need someone 'brighter' than us to protect us from ourselves.  BULLSHIT. Sorry I am so passionate about this, but it is time for the government to worry about the bigger picture rather than the small bullshit items.  Our economy is failing and is starting to see some signs of recovery, and here we are creating more bureaucracy in the name of healthcare.  Did you know that most smokers are educated persons who 'want' to do this to themselves.  It is like alcoholics -  They too know the follies of their drinking, but they 'want' to escape somehow.  We going to regulate alcohol distribution now?  WAIT - we did that already and it got us... Al Capone and the rise of the Mafia. 

Give me a break. 

I am 37 - grew up just fine with alcohol and tobacco around me my entire life.  I might be more susceptible to 2nd hand smoke cancer or pre-disposed to have an affinity to alcohol (actually - anyone who knows me, knows I have a very low tolerance), but through it all... I came out fine, with my freedom's intact.

I thank God for the country... but enough with the regulations pushing us into our quite, white, padded cell.  Before you know it... we won't be able to go outside any longer.

My blog, my two cents.


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