Praying for the Death of the President? How Sick!

What the hell is wrong with people in America.  What would drive a person to not only pray for the DEATH of the President, but also preach it to his flock as he is a FRIGGIN' Baptist Church Reverend.

The Reverend Wiley Drake in Southern California has done this as has a Pastor in Arizona, Steve Anderson.

People - listen to me!  YOU ARE A MAN OF GOD!  You should be preaching love and praying for the Presidents salvation and that he comes to the light (NOTE: that is not my opinion, Barack is doing a great job).


I don't care how many people or verses of the bible you quote that say something like that.  I have read the bible and have yet to find a verse where JESUS says KILL THEM!  Do you understand?  Do you listen to the words of your savior?

Very sad...

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