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What Makes Us Catholic, Preface 1

Over the next nine weeks, I will be partaking in a discussion at my church in which we hope to develop an identity to this religious movement we call Catholicism. I have been chosen as a table facilitator and while I will be relating my experiences and stories, they will only be my stories and experiences for the sake of privacy.  It is important to me to document the process and hopefully create a journalized view of my experiences and answers to the many questions and discussions we will be having.
Last Thursday, the facilitators got together to talk about the makeup of the next nine sessions and the itinerary of our 1 1/2 hour meetings.  We opened with a prayer to God and a reading from the bible.  Then we dove into a question in which we shared with the table that related to the reading:  "What cross is it that we bear, today? What is it that gives us the most concern or anxiety?"
Not a bad first question.  There were a myriad of answers from people as they spoke to their …

The President Get's No Respect - Sad to Be a Republican, today!

I am sorry - you can disagree with the President and his policy - Lord knows I have done this for the past 6 years with the BUSH administration and how they ram-rodded the Patriot acts to cut away our freedoms - but heckling the PRESIDENT - how uncouth and ugly.  Representative Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina - you should be ASHAMED of yourself - just resign from office and save what little face you have left. 

I say we do away with all our Reps. and Senators and start from scratch - I cannot stand them and the fact that this guy has no respect for the office of the President of the United States is just plain wrong.
There is a place for debate and discussion and heckling the President while he addresses the joint session of Congress shows that we have a great internal strife in our government.  Why is it that both the far LEFT and the far RIGHT cannot pull their collective heads out of their own personal asses and sit down and discuss the facts and not cloud the matter with their pol…

Great Speech, Mr. President!

President Obama just finished his speech to school students and I think it was short and to the point - an excellent speech to motivate students to STAY IN SCHOOL.
He didn't promote 'socialism'; He didn't push for 'Islam' conversions; He didn't bring boxes of brown shirts for the kids to put on.
It was simply a speech about not giving up and pushing yourself to be a better student.
But I am sure there are a lot of people who will find something critical in the speech.
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Humanity and Compassion & Health Care Debate = Don't Mix

Our country, the United States of America, is a free democracy that allows individuals the right to say what they want, when they want and it is this freedom that so many of our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Uncles fought for and shed blood for.
Here is a video from MSNBC that will astound and shock you.  The level of civility in this country has gone by the wayside as the debate over Public Issued Healthcare has heated up.  Mind you, this woman is in a wheelchair and is talking about her own issues and dilemmas.  We should feel for this woman and listen to her words and reflect on them... Not JEER and HECKLE her.   If there was a box of tomatoes there, I am sure she would be the spitting image of a Heinz Ketchup Bottle by the end of her speech.

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W00TSTOCK 2009! Come and Get Your Geek On!

I just signed up to attend the v1.0 geek fest called w00tstock! that will be held in San Francisco in October 2009!
In attendance will be Adam Savage (from MythBusters), Wil Wheaton (from "Stand By Me", "Star Trek:TNG" fame) who is a phenomenal writer, speaker and actor (just in Leverage on TNT) and Paul and Storm (music, comedy act).

Click on the IIMAGE above to be taken to Paul and Storm's page where you can get more information and purchase tickets!
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Anxieties - the Hidden Demons in our Minds.

It starts out the same.  Your heart starts to pound a little bit more and its pace quickens as your body starts to sweat, but you aren't hot... you are actually shivering a bit. Uncontrollably, you body's physical presence starts to spiral out of your control and you cannot understand why? 
Was it something I ate?  Do I have the flu?  Am I going to get sick right here or am I going to pass out?  Why does it feel like I am having a heart attack?
This is one of the moments when you find that those people who have experienced the above know exactly what I am talking about and those who have not, think the rest of us are crazy.
I am talking about anxieties.  Of course, today, with drugs being prescribed left and right by every Doctor under the sun, a lot of things are categorized as an anxiety or a panic attack of sorts.  But those of us who had nothing to combat but our inner mind, wrestled with demons on a daily basis.
Mine didn't develop until after I was involved in a very ba…

Duggar Family - Stop, PLEASE!

Does anyone else find it odd that the Duggar family is having their 19th baby? 
I love my children - with all my heart and soul and I will do anything I can for them... I can even see having a 4th or maybe a 5th baby... but 16 MORE than I have now? 
What an incredible burden on the siblings and the family not to mention the economy and the ecological ramifications that the Duggar family carbon footprint is generating.
Enough is enough - stop the insanity and use 'protection' or something.  This is not an assembly line and you are not Ford.
All those in favor of having a litter of kids - join the Quiverfull movement (look it up, you will be astounded at their beliefs).
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