The President Get's No Respect - Sad to Be a Republican, today!

I am sorry - you can disagree with the President and his policy - Lord knows I have done this for the past 6 years with the BUSH administration and how they ram-rodded the Patriot acts to cut away our freedoms - but heckling the PRESIDENT - how uncouth and ugly.  Representative Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina - you should be ASHAMED of yourself - just resign from office and save what little face you have left. 

I say we do away with all our Reps. and Senators and start from scratch - I cannot stand them and the fact that this guy has no respect for the office of the President of the United States is just plain wrong.

There is a place for debate and discussion and heckling the President while he addresses the joint session of Congress shows that we have a great internal strife in our government.  Why is it that both the far LEFT and the far RIGHT cannot pull their collective heads out of their own personal asses and sit down and discuss the facts and not cloud the matter with their political views and special interest groups viewpoints.

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