California in a Bankrupt Way

I am certainly no economist and I did flunk accounting in college - HATED IT - teacher was great - numbers sucked! But reading this article, today, just makes me want to shake my head and shudder at the economic situation our state finds itself in.

We could see a budget shortfall of 20 billion dollars each year until 2015!


Why can a state not work on the same principle that we do with our credit cards and our checking accounts.  Our state is like a teenager run amok with a parent's credit card just charging this and charging that.  I don't know who is to blame - the horrible politicians in California deserve to be taken out and flogged (or at least voted out of office). The bureaucracy of our state is dragging us down and we are funding way too many programs that might be beneficial to some, but not to all and they need to be looked at and cut.

How can we best operate this state like it was a business.  Not being profitable, but at least being responsible.  Not spending more than we take in.  If that means a special program needs to be cut - so be it.  I don't want a 20 Billion dollar debt (and that is just one year - think of how that will impact us after 5 or 6 years of 20 billion dollar years.


Dear California,

We are here to intervene on your behalf, because you can no longer manage your own affairs, your spending, and your waste.  We need to not only address the needs of our citizens, but of our future citizens.  The politicians and lobbiests in Sacramento who claim they are  you friends are not.  They will continue to feed you lies and deceive you while they steal money from you and ultimately from us.

Now is the time to stop the charade that things are OK and we think we can help. Cut all spending for special interest programs and groups.  Cut jobs - this has to happen to help trim the fat - run departmental reviews and cut the lowest efficient worker.  How about we make the legislature a part-time job and force all those politicians to do something else for a living (special note: TEXAS is doing it just fine).

We need to analyze the departments that we all fund right now and shut down the ones we don't need or are unnecessary drains on our economy - table them for a few years and let us revisit them when times are better and we are more solvent.  Let us invest in our infrastructure and prop ourselves up with sound investments - NOTE: A high speed rail from Los Angeles to San Francisco is just plain STUPID and EXPENSIVE!

Start spending money as if it was your own and not ours and I guarantee you will spend differently.  We will help you make the right choices for your and our future together.  We cannot go on like this.  We will perish under our own debt.

We love you, California, and we only tell you this because we have hurt for far too long and have not said anything.  Now is the time to act.  Now is the time to be responsible.


Your California Peeps


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