4POD541 - Sad Driver on HWY 17

Attached is a picture of a Honda Civic or Toyota 4RAV that decided he/she could drive on HWY 17 and disobey all rules of the road.

One week ago, a major accident resulted in a major backup on HWY 17 in the evening - traveling Northbound back into San Jose/Los Gatos area.  All traffic was averaging about 1-2 miles per hour and I was stuck in it around 5:20 PM. 

An ambulance tried to make it up HWY 17, which is a two lane road and the waters of the road, parted to allow the ambulance to pass through the middle of the stalled traffic jam.  As the ambulance passed by, who should be following not 2 feet behind the ambulance but this person:

So, here I post a picture from my cell phone of this idiot - who should be ashamed of themselves for driving like they did up HWY 17.  Subsequently, they had to merge into traffic with the rest of us because the ambulance went up the opposite side of the road for about 10-20 feet and this person did not follow (hence, the reason I got the snapshot of him... payback is a bitch).

BTW - 4POD541 is a California based license plate!



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