Huckabee Wrong - Admit It!

I voted for Huckabee in the 2008 Presidential Primary for the Republican Party.  I liked what he had to say then and what he stood for.  He was a serious candidate for the Presidency in my book.  Now, I am glad he did not win the primary.  Why?

A few days ago, Maurice Clemmons committed the heinous crime of murdering in cold hard blood 4 officers at a coffee shop preparing for their day.  As the details unfolded, so too did the history of Mr. Clemmons.  The history that concerns a lot of people and leaves us all dumbfounded is that Mr. Clemmons is a felon from the State of Arkansas who was released by Mike Huckabee, then Governor.  

Mr. Clemmons was sentenced in 1990 to 108 years in prison for eight felony charges he accrued as a teenager.  After serving just 10 years of his 108 year sentence, Mike Huckabee granted clemency and Clemmons wrote:
he came from "a very good Christian family" and was "raised much better than my actions speak".
Huckabee granted the clemency, over the vocal objections of the victims and prosecutors. 

Then on March 2001, Clemmons committed aggravated robbery and theft and was convicted in July 2001 - garnering a 10 year prison sentence - Now if you violate parole, aren't you supposed to get the BALANCE of the original sentence (the 108 year sentence commuted to 47 years by Huckabee)?

Then he was arrested in May 2009 for assaulting a police officer in a domestic disturbance call and was out on bond.  Then in July 2009, he was again arrested for 2nd degree child rape and again, somehow, made bail with a bond and was out.

Finally in November 2009, he walked into a coffee shop, murdered four officers of the law and fled on a two day manhunt which ended with his killing by a lone police officer who stopped him on the street.

Huckabee's original statement was that the Judicial System failed Mr. Clemmons.  I contended that the only one who failed Mr. Clemmons, was you Mr. Huckabee.  Huckabee commuted his sentence to 47 years and Clemmons would still be behind bars today if it were not for Huckabee.  Four officers would be alive with their families, a 12 year old (and 11 year old) would not have had to endure sexual abuse and rape.  Nor would society have had to deal with the other travesties caused by Clemmons in 8 years since his release from prison.

Fess up Huckabee - come clean.  THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU!



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