Budget Czar Father's Child Out Of Wedlock - WHO CARES?

Why is this news that the budget Czar for the Obama Administration had a girlfriend - they broke up - he found someone else and became engaged and then found out his ex had a child.

Why is this news? Anyone?

Is it morally suspect that people are having sex outside of a union?  Yes, but newsworthy?  I could see it as newsworthy on like the Valley Catholic or some religious news agency, but MSNBC and the Today Show have to trump it up to garner viewership.


What is really mind-boggling is the comments from readers in the comments section (found on newsvine) from all sorts of nuts?!?  "If this was G.W.'s administration..." or "It will be great when Obama is out of office in 2012" and all sorts of bullshit statements that have nothing to do with either the administration or the job the Budget Czar is performing.

Stick to the facts and if the facts are actually newsworthy, print them - this isn't newsworthy - it is time consuming drivel for a reality-show, voyeuristic based society that is both sad and pathetic.

Here is the LINK in case you want to read the craptastic article.


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