End Of Democracy, Beginning of Republic

What is certain to be a death knell to our democratic way of living, the supreme court took it upon themselves to extend the 1st amendment (Free Speech) to corporations. The decision allows for the unlimited giving of funds to a campaign to further the agenda and cause of a political party, person, or proposition.

What does this mean? Just that the large corporations with gobs of money can now steer a political candidate and fund their own agenda around the democratic process and essentially drown out John Q. Public from ever being heard.  Your vote just became that less important to the candidate - why would a candidate try to fight for the individual when he can focus on several large corporations and secure all the funding he needs - it isn't that you will be flagrantly ignored... you will just be lost in the shuffle.

Think about it - if a technology company wanted to get a bio-chip installed in all Americans, all they need to do is find a candidate, throw gobs of money at the campaign and effectively get their voice into congress - and that person can further the agenda of the company and not the people. (yes, this is an extreme example).

Companies will now start furthering their own agendas by voting in their candidates. Large Insurance companies not wanting a government run healthcare initiative, Big OIL companies wanting lax controls on environmental initiatives or recalls on existing laws, and other nefarious acts by large companies with no regards to the individual or society.

Mark my words and hear them - our Democracy is dying and and new Republic dictatorship or autocratic society will rise in its stead - We will have no rights and no ability to rebel by the time we notice it.

Think George Orwellian, ala "1984" or a "V for Vendetta" based society.

Want to read the article about it - here


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