Happy Twenty Ten - Be Generous

Today feels different. 

I have one phrase that I want to become synonymous with the next decade:


  • Be generous with your time - as you spend it with your family, friends and loved ones
  • Be generous with your love - don't hold back your true feelings for someone -
  • Be generous with your spirit - sharing your spirit will enlighten yours and other person's lives
  • Be generous with your wisdom - share it with people, wisdom not shared is wasted
  • Be generous with your peace - peace will save us all - war will lead us only to destruction
  • Be generous with your self - do not forget that you too need time, love, spirit and wisdom
Today is January 1, 2010.

Let us all believe in ourselves that we can - as a collective - make a difference and change in the world and take that step together!  Start with the above few items and be the change.  Then, pass it on.

God Bless,


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