Some Days - All Depresses

Some days, the weight of existence is falls hard and reality sets in.  Growing up as a child of the 80's, I watched a lot of TV and found solace in shows like Little House on the Prairie and movies like the Lost Boys and Lucas.

Two deaths have hit home hard this week.  Corey Haim died yesterday and today was Merle Olson.  For the uninitiated, Corey was an 80's movie star who was age 38 at the time of his death yesterday.  Merle Olson, amongst playing in the NFL for the RAMS, also played in Little House on the Prairie and some other shows.

I also have a head cold which doesn't enlighten my darkened mood.  I pray for both of their souls that they find the peace with GOD they could not have here.   Life is a many splendid thing and our existence is very short and fragile - how peaceful this world would be if we all understood that and embraced it.



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