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A Father's Day Message - God's Blessings to All

Father's Day is here and felt it fitting to write about what this day means to me.  Last night, I sat awake thinking about the future and my first born, Andrew who is now 10 years old and on his way to the 5th grade.  In 8 short years, he will be graduating from high school and moving on to college and out of the home and for me, that was a frightening thought that brought instant sadness to my heart.

This sadness welled up from a flood of images and memories of a little boy watering his dad's roses, and another of a 3 year old, in rain gear, stomping around puddles at our Roseville, CA home.  The thought of seeing my son walk away from me, pained me to no end.  Even now, writing about it, hurts. I cannot keep him forever and at some point, I will have to let go as he begins to take flight without Mom or Dad around.  For years, this life has been dependent on me and has given me his unconditional love.  What am I so afraid of?  If we walk in GOD's light and I have taught hi…