Happy New Year 2011!

Here we stand at the precipice of 2010, staring over the edge into the awaiting 2011 year.  What promises does 2011 hope to fulfill.  2010 has been such a banner year.   We will look back on it in 10-15 years and reflect on what a simpler time it was.  We will remember with fondness at the simplicity of it all and contrast it with our busy and complicated lives. 

2010 was the year that Andrew made his acting debut in Aladdin and I was amazed at his performance and singing.  He has a very good stage presence and attitude.  Andrew's athletic ability is also amazing - he did very well in baseball this season, but he really does well in Soccer and Swimming.  I hated swimming growing up, due in part to an over-zealous and abusive grandfather, and to see my children swim through the water like dolphins, with such grace and beauty, drives me to tears.  It is so beautiful.  Andrew learned to officially dive and he shaved a lot of time off his records from last year. 

Erica saw her television debut (non-commercial) with HOUSE M.D. and she was awesome.  Her spirit, her smile and her unwavering love for her brothers fills me with a very sinful pride that only a father could have.  We shared our birthdays this year by traveling to San Francisco and going to a museum, in the rain.  Erica, too, had an incredible year with sports - she too, played admirably in softball, but excelled in Soccer and Swimming.  She is growing into quite the young princess as she is learning to accessorize and is very into stylistic things.   GOD HELP ME!  GOD HELP MY VISA BILL!  Her smile can light up a room.  She has also been a good trooper with starting on her braces. 

Ryan has come a long way in the past year.  His ability to comprehend and act intelligently astounds Cynthia and me every single day.  His vocabulary and his cognitive skills are amazing.  He is very self-serving in the way that he plays - he can sit in a room and play alone, or if with a friend will find hours of imaginative playtime.  He got waffle-blocks this year for his birthday, and I have seen no end to the creativity of his projects.  We are now starting him off on LEGOS.  His biggest highlights this year, are by far, his ability to ride his bike - starts and stops himself and rides around the block - age 5!!!  (an early 5).  He also is learning to swim and swam across a 25 yard pool by himself.  AT AGE 5!  He reminds me of me as a young boy. 

Cynthia and I both found our jobs stable, yet in ever changing states - we both moved locations.  My company, Virtual Instruments, moved to San Jose in November and her company, Symantec, moved her to their Mountain View campus - my commute became much better - hers became infinitely worse.  But, we have jobs and they are with good people.  I was promoted to Director of Information Technology and find myself now with my first employee.  The company is very stable and even growing and continuing to do well.  The outlook for 2011 is very good for Virtual Instruments and I am glad I am working for them. 

2011 holds a lot of hope and promises and we are looking forward to it.

For our blessings in 2010 - I thank you, GOD!  I bless you with all my heart.  We have had a great year and our love in you and with each other continues to grow.  I pray that this year, 2011, sees much mending of fallen fences between my siblings and me and that we live not to condemn or to criticize, but to support and to love - unconditionally.  There were no conditions on the love given to use by Jesus - there should be no conditions to the love we give freely to everyone that we can. 

For 2011 - I wish to be more generous with my time, with my faith, and with my love.   My love for you, my love for my wife and my kids, and my love for my family.

This is my New Years Blessing for you all! 


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