Merry Christmas - Rejoice in the Lord

It is 12:42 AM as I begin to write this and I am here to help proclaim the celebratory birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Tonight, we attended the 10 PM mass at St. Mary's in Los Gatos, CA - due mostly to the fact that my father-in-law was accompanying the choir with his masterful piano work.  I didn't want to go.  But what a joyous event it was.  To honor the birth of our Lord... No, more than that, to sit in awe of the amazing story of his birth.   No room for the holy family to have a room and standard accommodations - forced to use a stable and hay in a manger for a bed.  Such super humble beginnings for GOD on earth.  The son of the Lord.  How amazing and yet how fitting and triumphant.

I sat in church tonight listening to the choir and thanked GOD for all my blessings and my family.  How lucky have been for the past 38 years - I had a loving mother and father who loved each other deeply and instilled in my all that I am today - a love for Christ and more than that, a love for my family.    I stood there, dead tired and yearning to be at home in front of the Yule Log (thank you KOFY-TV20), reading or just vegging, but instead found myself so thankful for the gifts in my life.  My daughter was on my right hand side, my son on my left and I was singing Joy to the World. 

Truly - how joyful the world is today, Christmas Day!

The sacrifice that GOD made in presenting his son to us, in human form so that he could be sacrificed to release and free us from our sins.  Should we not be joyous and happy in what a truly magnificent present that has been given to mankind in this birth? 

How can I ever repay the debt that I have incurred - maybe it isn't a debt - but it truly is a gift I could never hope to fully repay.   But we can certainly put a down payment on this gift, by promoting and proclaiming the word of God.  The message that Jesus gave to us through his teachings and parables. 

Blessed are we all, if we can freely give to each other a piece of ourselves, in physical, mental or spiritual form.  On this Holy and Silent night, may we remember the birth of our Lord, the sacrifice to come, and the gift of everlasting life through his death and resurrection.  So tomorrow (erh... today) when you are opening presents around the tree with family and friends - remember, to give a little of yourself and show your friends and family exactly what our Lord meant for us to show - LOVE. 

God Bless you all and may this day find you healthy and happy.


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