New Site - Quick Note

Hi All,

I just wanted to send out a quick note that I updated my website - moved it from my home based LINUX server to a more robust system.  I have decided, after a long internal debate, to start using GOOGLE APPS (premium edition) for our e-mail hosting, and blogger for my blog, thereby removing any public facing services from my home system.

I had a disk failure a few days ago and found out that my disk not only failed (it was mirrored) but upon reboot, that the journal file system replayed old data and overwrote my mail for the entire week - I lost about 6 days of mail - found out that this was unacceptable for me.  I needed something a bit more robust.  I do have to admit, I have been using LINUX as my main server at home for about 6 years - and I have not had a problem to this point.  I just don't have any more time to troubleshoot and deal with this, given my position at my company and the responsibilities I have with my friends and family.


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