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AV Companies Creating Threat, Where None Exists

Wow - just read a quick article on MacBytes about how Apple is facing increasing cyber threats, as predicted by McAfee.  What a puff piece.  Read it here if you want.

How do you take a statement from a company that is in the market to sell you the antidote and make it a factual article?   Sounds like a sponsored article.   We all know how ugly and time consuming a virus/spyware on the PC is.  I have been using Mac OS X since day one - I was actually a beta tester for Apple before the release.  The only 'exploit' on the MAC ever developed in that time was through SAFARI when you 'automatically open safe files after downloading' and a malicious file from the Internet could deliver a payload - but not a virus - not a spyware yet, have a I seen.  That is about 10 years of Mac OS X.

While I do not doubt that as the Mac gains more shares, it will become the target of maliciousness, it just isn't the case now and these companies are trying to create a market share, where…

BRAID - Best New Game on MAC

For those of you who have played BRAID on the XBOX, this is nothing new.  But I don't have an XBOX and have never played this game until it was popularized within the Macintosh App Store and I felt so strongly about it, that I needed to review it.

Developed by two programmers,Jonathan Blow and David Hellman, BRAID is a simplistic yet very deep game that has many different emotional layers.  It is like taking a poetic movie like "What Dreams May Come" and make a side scroller game.  The music is hypnotic and soothing while the graphics create a surrealistic environment that also is comforting.

At no time did I feel TENSE or ON THE EDGE of my seat.  The mechanics are simple enough but throw in some time/space manipulation and the game becomes purely awesome and the with the ability to roll back time, you open up avenues of thought on certain puzzles that truly keep you puzzled!

The story is simple enough also - so I won't give away any details.  Needless to say, It is…

Gun Control - Not the Answer!

I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment - as written by the founding fathers.  They had no idea that weapons and 'arms' would become automatic or produce such devastating results - the language behind the 2nd Amendment is really about the right to protect yourself and your homestead and to be able to rise up against a tyrannical government.  It doesn't mean you get an AK47 to go squirrel hunting.
That being said - I really don't think that GUN CONTROL (here) would have prevented the Arizona Massacre from occurring - that little innocent 9 year girl would still be dead.  Step back from the problem and take a look at the events leading up to the shooting and ask yourself...  Did Jared Loughner present any clear signals of having mental issues that should have been dealt with?
"But Jared didn't have a mental defect - he was just angry..."
Bull - anyone who resorts to violence as the ultimate response to their issues has a mental defect.  Anyone who indisc…