BRAID - Best New Game on MAC


For those of you who have played BRAID on the XBOX, this is nothing new.  But I don't have an XBOX and have never played this game until it was popularized within the Macintosh App Store and I felt so strongly about it, that I needed to review it.

Developed by two programmers, Jonathan Blow and David Hellman, BRAID is a simplistic yet very deep game that has many different emotional layers.  It is like taking a poetic movie like "What Dreams May Come" and make a side scroller game.  The music is hypnotic and soothing while the graphics create a surrealistic environment that also is comforting.

At no time did I feel TENSE or ON THE EDGE of my seat.  The mechanics are simple enough but throw in some time/space manipulation and the game becomes purely awesome and the with the ability to roll back time, you open up avenues of thought on certain puzzles that truly keep you puzzled!

The story is simple enough also - so I won't give away any details.  Needless to say, It is truly a blessing when you find such a GEM that captures so many aspects of good game play and design, especially when there are so many players out there.

You can find the BRAID game linked at the MAC STORE and music from the BRAID game at the iTunes Store.

It is available on the PC, XBOX360 (arcade) and I think the Playstation network now...


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