Gun Control - Not the Answer!

I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment - as written by the founding fathers.  They had no idea that weapons and 'arms' would become automatic or produce such devastating results - the language behind the 2nd Amendment is really about the right to protect yourself and your homestead and to be able to rise up against a tyrannical government.  It doesn't mean you get an AK47 to go squirrel hunting.

That being said - I really don't think that GUN CONTROL (here) would have prevented the Arizona Massacre from occurring - that little innocent 9 year girl would still be dead.  Step back from the problem and take a look at the events leading up to the shooting and ask yourself...  Did Jared Loughner present any clear signals of having mental issues that should have been dealt with?

"But Jared didn't have a mental defect - he was just angry..."

Bull - anyone who resorts to violence as the ultimate response to their issues has a mental defect.  Anyone who indiscriminately takes the lives of multiple people including a 9 year old girl, has a mental defect.  

Did we fail Jared?  Somehow... someway.  For years, the question will go unanswered.  Many will speculate and many will have opinions about his reasons, but his victims will still be dead.  Many will blame his parents, his school, his friends, his musical tastes, what underwear he wears... everything under the sun, but his victims will still be dead. 

Today - I pray for the victims, that their lives - cut short - meant something to a lot of people and that I hope they further find peace with our maker.  I will then pray for Jared that he comes to understand the lives he has ripped apart and destroyed.  He may not understand now as he smiles benignly at the camera.  But the ultimate truth will burn his soul leaving a scar that will never heal.  I will pray that the families will forgive Jared and release their anger to God - Never forget his actions.  How can you?


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