A Moment In Time

Have you ever had one of those 'moments in time' where you were enjoying your activity so much and the excitement, the company, the activity was so pure and blessed that time itself should have been frozen to capture and explore the entire moment with the most clarity and understanding that one could muster?

Tonight, I had such a moment.  I was lucky and blessed enough to share it with my son Andrew.  I took him to his soccer game tonight and it was in Redwood Shores up the peninsula here, about 37 miles from our home - a long trip for a soccer game.  I didn't want to.  I would have rather stayed at home watching an old movie with him or going to a bar-b-que back to school party that my wife and other two kids attended.  But I got to take Andrew.  What seemed to be the worst part of the bargain, would turn into the best night ever. 

The location was nice and it was more of an intimate game between 2 teams - not 10-12 teams vying for some title/trophy.  It was at this school/community center that was right on the baylands of Redwood Shores - absolutely picture perfect.  The wind was blowing and our summer here... hasn't really been any summer at all.  It was below average which means... the t-shirt I was wearing was not good enough to keep anyone insulated.  Thankfully I did have a blanket in the back of my car and used it.  

The game was unimportant (to this story) and sans Andrew's heroic defensive playing, was very boring. But the game ended around 7:20PM and we didn't make it to the car until 7:35PM and we were hungry.

As we are driving towards the freeway, we spot an In N Out Burger joint and it was this or the Pizza My Heart back home... another 40+ minutes away.  We both thought about it and decided on the In N Out Burger place.  It was a newer establishment - just built within the past 2 years (I used to work up in this location) and it was very well kept up. 

We walked in - ordered or food - washed our hands - and after we got our meal - decided to eat it at the stools overlooking the sunset and empty field next to the burger place.  

This is when it happened.

The sunset was perfect - the burger was delicious - the fries were tasty, but more importantly, I got to share it all with my son.  He is now 11 1/2 and growing up so fast.  Faster than I want him too - even writing this now makes me sad for the little boy who put on his galoshes and stomped around the puddles in our backyard with wide smiles.  Or the little tyke who loved to play with his Tomas the train set so much that when I was unemployed in Roseville, my only option for fun was to take him and Erica to the Barnes and Noble and let him play in the kids section of the store on the train table there.

God - thank you for giving me Andrew and allowing me to remember the most important aspects of him.  He is so beautiful and his spirit is so uplifting to me.  I love you for allowing me to be his father and for giving me this inner sense of peace tonight that I got to share with my son.  I hope we have many more and I hope that I get to share this exact feeling with Ryan and Erica as well as my wife Cynthia.

Life is too short people - make each moment count for each moment is a blessing from our Lord.  We make it what we make it!

Here is a picture of that sunset from our chairs at the In-N-Out Burger:


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