Thank You for your gift, Simba!

Today, Simba succumbed to her sickness and passed away.

Simba came to us around August of 1997 and was born in April of 1997.  We got her from a family friend, Kimberly Cope and instantly fell in love with her when we saw her.  She had a certain quality about her and we thought the name fit her coloring and her spirit.  I used to have some old pictures of her laying on my chest as a really small baby.  I will try to drum those up, but for now, you get from 2002 and on. 

Some Pictures:
Earliest pic of Simba and Erica around 2002
Dad being funny with Simba... ha ha!
She could have been guarding the great Pharaoh's with such a regal pose
Sleeping with Daddy on the Couch - I loved when she snuggled
One of her heavier days... yes - she weighed in around 15 lbs - until the end when she got to 5 lbs -
She loved to lay in the front yard on the concrete - the warmth and all
Simba sleeping with Pepper - this was not staged - they did get along fairly well
This was taken in about 2010 - Simba was starting to slim down due to a diet we put her on... she looks GREAT!
Simba from about 3-4 weeks ago - lost a lot of weight mostly in her legs and belly

Here is my letter to Simba in death:

My Dearest Simba,
Thank you for coming into our lives and sharing your spirit with us and giving us love and comfort and more than anything, your generosity with your companionship.  From the first moments of your life, you became imprinted on us and Cynthia and I knew that you were the one for us.  From the playful sauntering around our apartment, to the 'hiding' of my wedding ring for several months, you have endeared your life to us. 
I hope that we provided you with what you needed and you found as much richness and beauty in our relationship as much as we found with you.  Cancer is not an easy beast to battle and your spirit was alive all the way up to the end as I fed you your breakfast today.  I trust in my lord that we will be together again some day and that there will be no pain, no sadness and only love and peace. 

You were considered 'my cat' because you would only let me pet you on the stomach without you clawing the person to death and your barks and bellows gave me what I needed when we couldn't have a dog (anyone able to experience her barks... would laugh their butts off). 

I thank the Cope family for bringing you to us... I thank GOD for you and will think of you everyday and I am happy that you are not in pain anymore.

Until we meet again... I love you.


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