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Kitchen Reborn!

In early December 2011, we tore apart our kitchen with the idea of doing some resurfacing, painting and some cosmetic enhancements.  We ran into some small issues here and there, but for the most part, the kitchen is 90% complete and here are the before/after pics to prove it.  Dramatic?  You be the judge!

MacWorld 2012/iWorld 2012 Review

It is Sunday - MacWorld/iWorld is over, and I am underwhelmed.  My yearly mecca of all good things Apple, took a not totally unexpected turn this year and morphed partially into all things iOS.  The hallmark of the event, usually catered to by large corporations pushing their wares... has fallen by the way-side, giving way to the garage type small businesses.  Not a bad thing, but when you focus all your energies throughout the previous year (And not being a WWDC participant), you  show up and find a lot of small shops and no name players.  Just depressing.

The writing was soon apparent when I showed up on Thursday and found that neither Moscone North or South were being used for the event?  This is the first time in a long time that the even did not dominate enough to command both sides of the Moscone center.  In fact, Moscone North and South were occupied by PHOTONICS WEST (ugh? looked it up when I got home - show for all things laser).  In fact, as I was walking up to the Moscone N…