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iTunes Sucks!

Wow - got that off my chest.  I have been battling a very bad bug within iOS and iTunes for like a year now... I am finally throwing in the towel.  What is this epic battle that has drained all mana and health from this poor warlock!?

Smart Playlist Syncing Out Of Order!

Yes - you read it right.  I cannot get my "smart playlists" to sync with any semblance of order that makes any sense to the music GODS! I love my music and if you know my personality, I am pretty black and white, especially when it comes to my music collection.  I am not that flexible (which is my problem) and this personal issue is exacerbated by my iTunes refusing to sync in order.

When pop-up my DRAGONFORCE - Valley of the Damned album, I expect it to play in order - as that is the way it was intended.  It is Power Metal at its best and there is a reason for the order of songs.  When they start popping up out of order, it irks me.  But it isn't just one or two playlists - it is like 30-40 of them that…