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Remember Your Past - Honor your ancestors

I have a lot of Aunts and Uncles and unfortunately, I only have a few left.  On December 26, 2013, I took a small trip to the Madronia Cemetary in Saratoga, CA and visited my father and the rest of his family.

My father passed away 9 years ago from Leukemia.  It was a very fast passing and we only had 2 months of time with him before he left us.  To this day, there are many things I wish I could have done differently to be more present to him.  I wasn't a good son.  The internal struggle between being selfish and not wanting to see someone waste away and the side of me that wanted to be a good son and remain present in the moment to witness his passing - a terrible thing for me to fester with these past 9 years.  He was a good man.  He deserved better than me.

So each year, I bring him his cigarettes and a coca-cola - his favorite.  I stay and I talk with him a bit and fill him in on what is new.  I believe my father can hear me no matter where I talk with him, but I think this ma…

10.9.1 Mavericks Beta and WoW

So I have been running for a week or so on Mavericks 10.9.1 but have run into a nasty little bug that I haven't been able to track down to anything except for my World of Warcraft playing.

It seems that spontaneously, the OS will halt and reboot due to a Kernel Panic but it won't give me any other details.  It ALWAYS occurs during my game playing and nothing else - ripping my cd's, streaming music, etc. etc. etc - 10.9.1 does indeed fix a lot of usability issues in 10.9... but it can't at the expense of my WoW addiction.

The only thing I can think of is that my system doesn't want me to play WoW anymore!  LOL.

I am now re-installing 10.9.0 to verify this issue is truly part of the 10.9.1 beta that I was seeded.

 I hope it is, otherwise, I may have to move my dual xeon system in from the garage to keep my WoW habit satisfied.

Very Thankful, Happy Thanksgiving

It has been quite a while since I posted something on my blog.  I shied away for a while after dealing with some negativity over a social posting was picked up by my peers in my workplace.  Needless to say, I have curbed my enthusiasm for letting people really know what is on my mind when it comes to negative energy.  I don't allow the negativity of my workplace interfere with who I am or what I believe in.  I think I am in a better place because of the experience, but wish I never went through the experience to begin with.

That being said, I had the urge to sit and write for a bit this morning and let you know what I am thankful for.  The day is young and before it gets away from me with the Macy's Parade, cooking and some cleaning before the in-laws come over, I wanted to document what my thoughts where.

I am very thankful this year for a lot of things.  It truly has been a blessed year full of ups and downs, stress and fun and mostly... love.

So - what am I most tha…