Quote the Bible to Justify Immoral Acts?

Today, Jeff Sessions stated in his press conference the following for a justification of splitting families up for those who are illegally in our country:
"I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes," Sessions said. "Orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves. Consistent, fair application of law is in itself a good and moral thing and that protects the weak, it protects the lawful. Our policies that can result in short-term separation of families are not unusual or unjustified."
 This 'justification' has been used many times over, but with Sessions now citing it, the coverage has gone through the roof.

I am here to say - do not use the Bible to sanction your lack of morality or ethics towards those who are seeking a better life or existence.  Not only is the context of Romans 13 taking incorrectly by those who would use it as proof for their reprehensible laws, it is applying it in direct contradiction to Christ's main message - to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.  If every CHRISTIAN practiced that one statement - there would be no need for the 10 commandments or other laws - but man, by nature, is sinful and unfortunately covetous.

Mr. Sessions - here is a biblical verse for you (Deuteronomy 24:14-15):
"Don't take advantage of poor or needy workers, whether they are fellow Israelite's or immigrants who live in your land or your cities. Pay them their salary the same day, before the sun sets, because they are poor, and their very life depends on that pay."
That last verse means we are supposed to treat immigrants well and not take advantage of them - but we know that never happens in America - the poor treatment of immigrants (sarcastic).  In fact, we were all immigrants to this nation at one time or another - right?  Even Exodus states that you should not mistreat nor oppress immigrants - as the Israelites were immigrants in Egypt at one point. (Exodus 22:21).

This isn't a piece about condemning our nation for its horrific historical record on immigration and immigrants.  This is about the appropriation of my religion and beliefs to justify your immoral character and rules.

When illegal parents are found and they have children - why can't there be a detention facility or way to keep them together while they are being processed.  Not talking a five star TRUMP hotel (although that would make an interesting statement), but why not keep the family unit together and in a non prison like setting.  What would be wrong with doing that?

What about the rest of Romans 13 - the part where we have to obey the government? Well, it actually doesn't say GOVERNMENT.  The NIV and CSB version says 'governing authorities', while the KJV states 'higher powers'.  But let us assume it means GOVERNMENT.  Doesn't that mean that our country - our very own United States of America was in direct violation of this command about subjugation to the governing authority.

Now read Romans 13 and you fill find that Paul states pretty categorically the obedience to the 'governing authorities' from 13:1-7.  Simply put - you all are wrong.  You are not taking into account the historical context of this letter to the Romans, nor the scriptural message within that letter.  In a nutshell - due to the persecution of new 'Christians' by the Roman people, this letter, specifically the above 1-7 and the rest of 13 (8-14), are saying to be submissive to the government and authorities and not raise the hackles of those in charge.  A quiet and peaceful revolution through the use of Christ's command (Romans 13:9-10) basically states that you should LOVE EVERYONE - and because the very nature of LOVE cannot do harm or wrong, it is the true fulfillment of the law - but most so-called Christians - only cite verses 1-7 when justifying their piss-poor moral views.  They lose site of the greater verse - that which says to LOVE.

To sum up, I am not saying we shouldn't have laws that help us govern how we work with and accept immigration and immigrants - I am condemning the usage of biblical scripture to justify our poor policies.  Unfortunately, as much justification as I can muster around the true meaning of Romans 13, I fear that the 'Christian Right' will interpret away as they see fit. Further adding to our great divide.



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