Sunday, May 28, 2006

First New Blog

Welcome all to my new blog site - I decided to take my blog back in house from the ever popular BLOGGER.COM and plae my own little blogging engine on my site.

I was going to use Movable Type but then I started reading about their changed support policy and pricing scheme. I laughed and said there had to be something better than this out there.

I have changed the name of the site from MACGOD.NET to IPODGOD.NET - I like the Mac but found that I am totally more productive on my Windows XP based laptop/system. I cannot escape the inevitable that I love my PC - but I also love my Macintosh systems too. I just don't use them as much any longer. I do love the iPod so much that I have decided to take a new moniker - iPodGod.

My car has MAC GOD as license plates but the new ones IPOD GOD is on order. I registered a new domain name, iPodGod.NET and will be switching all my mail over shortly to use that site for e-mail and web hosting for my house.

I only own 4 iPods - soon to be 5.

  • 512 MB Shuffle

  • 1 GB Shuffle

  • 40 GB iPod Photo

  • 60 GB iPod Video

  • and 4 GB iPod NANO (soon to be partnered with a new pair of Nike Running Shoes!)

That about does it - peace out!


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