Monday, May 29, 2006

Updated the blog HTML

OK - I finally updated the HTML code under the blog engine so it has the same look and feel as the rest of the site.

There may be some 'errors' around still but please - let me know if you encounter something.

I did forget to mention that the engine I moved to is WORDPRESS. I was using Movable Type, but when confronted with the re-installation of the software, I found that MT had a lot of backlash in the user community because of their 'pricing structure' and any support policy they might have had.

I also found that MT was very difficult to use, while, so far, I am very enthused about how WP operates and how easy it seems to be, especially with the BLOG WRITER utility from ZOUNDRY.

It is Memorial day today and it is pretty reserved. I am tired, had a bad night of sleep - but on the flip side, I did get to see on VH1 CLASSIC the HEAVY:the story of metal music - which is a great documentary on the history of Metal Rock from the hair bands of the 80's to the more progressive Marilyn Manson of the late 90's and 2K era.

Anyway - there you go.

Have a happy Memorial Day!


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