Saturday, December 1, 2007

Major Troubles - Upgrades Aren't All They Should Be

Tried to upgrade my  Fedora 6 based system to 7... and I was met with the infamous UDEV hanging error.

Long story short, I basically spent the last 7 hours trying to recover my FC6 system or fix the FC7 system and it didn't go over so well - ended up installing CentOS 5 - and then mounting my raid1 datavolume which contains all my 'data' (not settings, but data).

Needless to say - I think I have a fresh, new x86_64 based system fully patched with RHEL 5 libraries and ready to rock and roll.

Talk with you all tomorrow or later - I am beat!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oliver Rist is an idiot... Go Back to Tiger, already.

"No, Bill... please do not hold in your feelings - this isn't very healthy of you keeping all your emotions bottled up. You must learn to release!"
Ummmh.... OK!

Seriously - I just caught Oliver's rant on how LEOPARD (Mac OS X 10.5) is the new VISTA. What a load of B.S. Another opinion, under the guise of an expert reviewer from a leading journal (PC Magazine), that deserves a counter point.

Yes, spaces is more of an 'Applized' version of what we really wanted and it doesn't lend itself to be very functional.

I am not particularly fond of the Time Machine either - but it is made to work with the way the standard user would interact with it. What a great concept to have your local machine do automated snaps of the filesystem. Now my father-in-law doesn't have to worry about a file he deleted accidentally a month ago. I would like there to be an ADVANCED button for Time Machine to specify the snaps and intervals and folders - I obviously don't need a snap of my LIBRARY - I just give a damn about my HOME directory.

I will also concede that are some cosmetic nuances that need work - but I like the new dock. Get your reading glasses fixed. I can see the blue dot fine. Yes a black triangle on a semi-opaque white dock stands out more - again - maybe a setting in the Control Panel to increase the size of the dot? or the Intensity (hint, hint, Apple).

I like the clean nature of the OS, in general. Haven't crashed once. I am running on two systems... a 1st Gen Intel iMac 2.0 which is an upgrade-in-place 10.4 Tiger system - this is my main system. my second system is a Nov 2006 Macbook - formatted fresh with Tiger.

All patched and lovin' it - as for VISTA, I installed on a very decent Quad Core 2.4 GHz PC (my gaming system) and used it for about 3-4 days - I liked the look in the beginning - but then the sluggish nature of the OS got me thinking I needed to upgrade my system. I cannot stand the UCE either - what type of security simply only asks you to push a button to do something. HELLO - that is where most of the spyware bullshit comes from anyway - Some Yahoo, up late at night, surfing for PORN or some shit and a web page this dimwit stumbles across has a button and says "Push Me and You Can Download All the PORN You Want!" and what does the dimwit do? Pushes the damn button.

At least with Mac OS X, it makes sure you are who you say you are and forces you to AUTHENTICATE to install something on the system.

So, Oliver Rist... feel free to rant all you want - that is the American Way - that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. But My opinion is that remediating to Tiger, might prove you know less about the system than you portray. Go back to Tiger - Enjoy it - it definately was and is a good OS.

My two cents.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Apple Has Once Again Blessed Us All!

What can I say?  Apple has done it again and the 129.00 I paid for the Leopard software is well worth it.

I liked it so much that I have decided to make my main home computer a 24" iMac - the new one and it is a very sweet system. I am busy redesigning the home site and migrating from my Windows 2003 Server to a LINUX system.

I need to upgrade the RAM on this system to something a little more 'bulky' instead of the anemic 1 GB installed by default, but I figure at least 2 GB's to 4 GB's should be good.

I will let you know how everything takes in the next few weeks.  And so we are clear!!! I have not given up my PC.  Come On.  It is a Quad Core Core 2 Duo with an 8800GT video card - I gotta play my games on something!


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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Final Days at Finisar

4 years, 4 months, 20 days = the amount of time I spent working for and with one of the best I.T. departments that I have had the privilege of associating with in my 15 year career history in Information Technology. 

I am sad to have left my group, but in all honesty, my group had really left the team long ago.  My manager and mentor, Christine Rose moved on in March/April to work at TAOS. She was the V.P. of Global IT for Finisar - incredibly smart and compassionate.  Scott Rose, left soon thereafter and his shoes were hard to fill - Scott was the Exchange and Windows Architect for Finisar (all the Active Directory stuff, server deployment, etc.). Then the new V.P. started - He had some good ideas and I liked them at first - it was just bad execution and he stirred the pot a little too much at Finisar.  He lasted 1 1/2 -2 months and then quit.  Coinciding with the loss of another great Sys Engineer, Jaspinder B. at Finisar - Mind you now, none of these positions was backfilled.

So here I am - the Unix and SAN Engineer for Finisar and now I am managing all Exchange, all Windows, all UNIX, all SAN because they don't have anyone. 

Then Finisar hires a new I.T. Manager for the Infrastructure team and SAN Architect.  The guy is crazy-smart in SAN and Network Appliance stuff - but this is his first management gig with people (he has project managed before).  I just felt that it was my time to take that mantle and when they offered it and signed someone else - I knew it was time for me to go.

I was on the market for roughly 1 1/2 weeks - I interviewed with one company that I liked, 3Leaf Systems.  I will now be the first person in I.T. helping them forge their department to last them for years to come.  My chance to shine on and show them what I am made of.  I am Management Material - I will be the Director of I.T. some day - it is my natural progression.

It has been a great ride with Finisar and I am sad to see this huge portion of my life, this chapter in my book, come to a close... but as I said - it is time.

God Bless everyone at Finisar, and more than that, may God continue to bless this family and bestow upon us the favor and blessings we deserve and in return may we be able to glorify God in the fullest as well as Jesus. In the immortal words of a friend of mine at the company:

"Thank you for your kind and generous support"  (Thanks G.M.)


Monday, July 2, 2007

The iPhone has Landed!

Never before has the launch of a product met with so much hype and so much fanfare than that of the Apple iPhone.

Once again, Apple computers has heralded in a new generation of technological innovation with a touch of the awe factor and the marketing and packaging you would expect from Apple Computers.  That is why I continue to use their products.  What do I own?

  • 512 MB Shuffle

  • 1 GB Shuffle (clip)

  • 4 GB Nano - Green

  • 40 GB Photo iPod

  • 60 GB Video iPod

  • Rev. 2 MacBook 2.0 C2D

  • Rev. 1 iMac 2.0 CD

  • PowerMac G5 1.8 GHz

  • and now the 8GB iPhone

Yes - I am a Mac Fanatic (hence the and domain names and now

Yes, their products tend to be on the pricey side - always have been - but technology wise and cool factor wise and the OS is so much sweeter than XP or VISTA that any comparison is truly Apples to Oranges.  I bought a ZUNE and before I even removed it from the packaging, I returned it due to the lack of positive things about it.

Apple - Thank you very much for your innovations - keep producing - and I will keep purchasing and supporting the cause!


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Friday, February 16, 2007

Going Green

Well, I have done my due dilligence and testing and looked at the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Prius Hybrid and I have to say that they are both technologically wonderful vehicles to drive and experience.

But this isn't a glowing review of both cars. I have issues with both of them that should be addressed in future models to entice more and more people to switch to Green Alternative Vehicles.

I belive the PRIUS is an excellent car - very good gas mileage in a very unique body style with a lot of extras. My problem with the PRIUS is that the EXTRA's have to be ADDED to the car - get over the add-on's Toyota - simply offer the PRIUS with Navigation and maybe a PRIUS without Navigation (HONDA/ACURA has it correct in this respect).

The PRIUS is a very unique body style and almost looks like a cross between the Honda Insight and a Sienna Mini-Van. I find it to be unique, but it definately does not 'blend' in, whereas the Honda Civic does blend in fairly well. The Honda LOOKS like a regular car... but it doesn't DRIVE like a regular car... more on that later.

The PRIUS, when EXTRA package #5 or #6 are added, is a technological dream with more gadgets than a MacBook Pro and it's DASHBOARD items. I am a gadget freak - I own a MacBook Pro 15 Core2 Duo, Samsung Blackjack cell phone, 5 iPods, etc. etc. etc. - I am a techno geek! The Prius, fully loaded fits in with my lifestyle better - bluetooth technology, ultra high definition GPS device, Satellite radio (addable - should be STANDARD), Homelink system, CD changer, etc. etc. A great all around car - I love the fold down seats, the quiet engine and great heads up display. The rear-view camera is also a cool feature.

For the Civic, it has a some great strong points - Honda/Acura loves to have 2 choices and they include a lot of the EXTRAS in the price - With Nav and Without Nav. I don't have to sit there bickering about this and that or whatever. Now the bad points - although this hybrid does look like a car, it doesn't drive like one. I found that starting and stopping in the Civic Hybrid gave me some bad feelings - starting from a stop sign, caused the car to JERK and LURCH. The sales person didn't say that this was abnormal, so I assume that it was NORMAL. Stopping also was a little ODD - the engine dies as you come to a stop and the engine with brake regeneration then charges the battery. Also, the Civic's engine is maited to the electric engine - whereas the PRIUS has two separate and distinct engines.

Also, the REAR seat of the CIVIC does not fold down - that really sucks. In the PRIUS, I can totally fold down the seats and have a lot of storage.

Well - anyway - our choice is the Prius - now we get to go haggle with the dealer...


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Revolution from Apple

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am!

The keynote from Steve Jobs went off with the usual 'bang' that he tends to pull out when he addresses the mac-fanatics - but something was different this year.

The expectations and rumors where high, and not only did Steve not only meet those expectations - HE POUNCED them - totally.

First you have the APPLE TV which is the digital extension of your Mac/PC to your home network, your TV set - watch movies downloaded and within iTunes on your TV in HD 780 quality - music too. Very snazzy

One problem with this! It needs the DVR input capability - maybe with Apple TV 2.0

then comes the part we have all been waiting for - the iPhone!

Friggin' Phenomenal in it's engineering feats.

Beautiful screen - awesome colors - Phone, IPod, digital extension - online communicator - it has a smaller OS X image on it that has CORE ANIMATION and allows for Safari and Widgets and all the other bells and whistles - will cost about 499-599 from Cingular in 2 months time.

Apple just totally TRUMPED the ZUNE player - the interface is beautiful and exceptionally well thought out - tight integration with GOOGLE and YAHOO! to truly extend your life online.

I know that I will be being both of these items, solidifying my grasp as the MacGod and furthering my zeolotry for all things Apple!

Thank you Steve and all the people from Apple for your hard and dedicated work - keep up the great work and the faithful will flourish as new accolytes join our ranks!


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