Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Revolution from Apple

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am!

The keynote from Steve Jobs went off with the usual 'bang' that he tends to pull out when he addresses the mac-fanatics - but something was different this year.

The expectations and rumors where high, and not only did Steve not only meet those expectations - HE POUNCED them - totally.

First you have the APPLE TV which is the digital extension of your Mac/PC to your home network, your TV set - watch movies downloaded and within iTunes on your TV in HD 780 quality - music too. Very snazzy

One problem with this! It needs the DVR input capability - maybe with Apple TV 2.0

then comes the part we have all been waiting for - the iPhone!

Friggin' Phenomenal in it's engineering feats.

Beautiful screen - awesome colors - Phone, IPod, digital extension - online communicator - it has a smaller OS X image on it that has CORE ANIMATION and allows for Safari and Widgets and all the other bells and whistles - will cost about 499-599 from Cingular in 2 months time.

Apple just totally TRUMPED the ZUNE player - the interface is beautiful and exceptionally well thought out - tight integration with GOOGLE and YAHOO! to truly extend your life online.

I know that I will be being both of these items, solidifying my grasp as the MacGod and furthering my zeolotry for all things Apple!

Thank you Steve and all the people from Apple for your hard and dedicated work - keep up the great work and the faithful will flourish as new accolytes join our ranks!


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