Saturday, August 25, 2007

Final Days at Finisar

4 years, 4 months, 20 days = the amount of time I spent working for and with one of the best I.T. departments that I have had the privilege of associating with in my 15 year career history in Information Technology. 

I am sad to have left my group, but in all honesty, my group had really left the team long ago.  My manager and mentor, Christine Rose moved on in March/April to work at TAOS. She was the V.P. of Global IT for Finisar - incredibly smart and compassionate.  Scott Rose, left soon thereafter and his shoes were hard to fill - Scott was the Exchange and Windows Architect for Finisar (all the Active Directory stuff, server deployment, etc.). Then the new V.P. started - He had some good ideas and I liked them at first - it was just bad execution and he stirred the pot a little too much at Finisar.  He lasted 1 1/2 -2 months and then quit.  Coinciding with the loss of another great Sys Engineer, Jaspinder B. at Finisar - Mind you now, none of these positions was backfilled.

So here I am - the Unix and SAN Engineer for Finisar and now I am managing all Exchange, all Windows, all UNIX, all SAN because they don't have anyone. 

Then Finisar hires a new I.T. Manager for the Infrastructure team and SAN Architect.  The guy is crazy-smart in SAN and Network Appliance stuff - but this is his first management gig with people (he has project managed before).  I just felt that it was my time to take that mantle and when they offered it and signed someone else - I knew it was time for me to go.

I was on the market for roughly 1 1/2 weeks - I interviewed with one company that I liked, 3Leaf Systems.  I will now be the first person in I.T. helping them forge their department to last them for years to come.  My chance to shine on and show them what I am made of.  I am Management Material - I will be the Director of I.T. some day - it is my natural progression.

It has been a great ride with Finisar and I am sad to see this huge portion of my life, this chapter in my book, come to a close... but as I said - it is time.

God Bless everyone at Finisar, and more than that, may God continue to bless this family and bestow upon us the favor and blessings we deserve and in return may we be able to glorify God in the fullest as well as Jesus. In the immortal words of a friend of mine at the company:

"Thank you for your kind and generous support"  (Thanks G.M.)