Saturday, October 27, 2007

Apple Has Once Again Blessed Us All!

What can I say?  Apple has done it again and the 129.00 I paid for the Leopard software is well worth it.

I liked it so much that I have decided to make my main home computer a 24" iMac - the new one and it is a very sweet system. I am busy redesigning the home site and migrating from my Windows 2003 Server to a LINUX system.

I need to upgrade the RAM on this system to something a little more 'bulky' instead of the anemic 1 GB installed by default, but I figure at least 2 GB's to 4 GB's should be good.

I will let you know how everything takes in the next few weeks.  And so we are clear!!! I have not given up my PC.  Come On.  It is a Quad Core Core 2 Duo with an 8800GT video card - I gotta play my games on something!


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