Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oliver Rist is an idiot... Go Back to Tiger, already.

"No, Bill... please do not hold in your feelings - this isn't very healthy of you keeping all your emotions bottled up. You must learn to release!"
Ummmh.... OK!

Seriously - I just caught Oliver's rant on how LEOPARD (Mac OS X 10.5) is the new VISTA. What a load of B.S. Another opinion, under the guise of an expert reviewer from a leading journal (PC Magazine), that deserves a counter point.

Yes, spaces is more of an 'Applized' version of what we really wanted and it doesn't lend itself to be very functional.

I am not particularly fond of the Time Machine either - but it is made to work with the way the standard user would interact with it. What a great concept to have your local machine do automated snaps of the filesystem. Now my father-in-law doesn't have to worry about a file he deleted accidentally a month ago. I would like there to be an ADVANCED button for Time Machine to specify the snaps and intervals and folders - I obviously don't need a snap of my LIBRARY - I just give a damn about my HOME directory.

I will also concede that are some cosmetic nuances that need work - but I like the new dock. Get your reading glasses fixed. I can see the blue dot fine. Yes a black triangle on a semi-opaque white dock stands out more - again - maybe a setting in the Control Panel to increase the size of the dot? or the Intensity (hint, hint, Apple).

I like the clean nature of the OS, in general. Haven't crashed once. I am running on two systems... a 1st Gen Intel iMac 2.0 which is an upgrade-in-place 10.4 Tiger system - this is my main system. my second system is a Nov 2006 Macbook - formatted fresh with Tiger.

All patched and lovin' it - as for VISTA, I installed on a very decent Quad Core 2.4 GHz PC (my gaming system) and used it for about 3-4 days - I liked the look in the beginning - but then the sluggish nature of the OS got me thinking I needed to upgrade my system. I cannot stand the UCE either - what type of security simply only asks you to push a button to do something. HELLO - that is where most of the spyware bullshit comes from anyway - Some Yahoo, up late at night, surfing for PORN or some shit and a web page this dimwit stumbles across has a button and says "Push Me and You Can Download All the PORN You Want!" and what does the dimwit do? Pushes the damn button.

At least with Mac OS X, it makes sure you are who you say you are and forces you to AUTHENTICATE to install something on the system.

So, Oliver Rist... feel free to rant all you want - that is the American Way - that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. But My opinion is that remediating to Tiger, might prove you know less about the system than you portray. Go back to Tiger - Enjoy it - it definately was and is a good OS.

My two cents.