Sunday, December 28, 2008

POEMS - Found Again on Internet Archives...

I was perusing the Internet yesterday and ran across this amazing site which had ARCHIVES of my old site. But not just my site, but all sites on the Internet. I simply typed in my URL, and the site returned to me dates of when my site changed - so I could go back to Mid-2001 and view my first public facing website.

Amazing. I found a couple of poems I wrote that I thought I lost forever and I found some scathing dialogues against my old employer, eHealthInsurance because of a work dispute we had.

Anyway, I won't dwell on the past, but revel in the recovery of two small technological poems I created in 1999 and 2000. Here is the first of those two poems:

by Bill Teeple

A flick of the switch,
and it pulses to life.

Fans whirling, drives spinning,
Electricity Imbimbing.

This is the START & I await the happy computers greeting

will it start, will it stop, will it stall

Action, icons appear, bringing form
to microscopic 0's and 1's

So begins the magical dance as
my clicks and drags manipulate
and transform the 0's to 1's and
the 1's to 0's.

Form and function travel in
the ether contained from diode to diode.
Much to small to see,
but it's there. I smell it... I can taste it.

Have you tasted it lately?
You may have and not known it.
I cannot describe it; it changes so fast

... technology... changes... everything

...even us.

I will post the other one... in a few days!


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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quit My Job, Today!

Well, I did it.

I quit my job today - It is never an easy change to move from job to job, but I felt that after 15 months of working for my company (3Leaf Systems) that it was time to move on. 

I do I.T. stuff - computer this, connect that, flip this.  For the past few months, I have felt like this "Monkey Pushing a Button" (LINK) and recently the organization went through a re-org and I haven't felt really secure since then.  My insecurity coupled with a general lack of moving the company forward attitude from a few key individuals made my job less than desirable.

So I started interviewing a few months back with my 'NEW' company and on December 3, 2008, will be starting with them.  The company is Proteus Biomedical and I will be their I.T. Manager and I look forward to the change in management and hopefully the embracing of a technology/philosophy I have come to love over the past 16 years.

Here is to a better future.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

OpenOffice 3.0 Macintosh Version Shines!

OpenOffice 3.0 on the Intel Macintosh simply shines!

I have been using a Mac for about the past billion years (it seems everyone likes to throw that moniker out lately, so I thought I would too).  OK - really, I have been using Apple Macintosh products sincd 1989.  My first Mac was an Apple Macintosh SE with dual 800k floppy drives and 1 MB of RAM.  I was able to secure the computer because of my grandfather's passing. He left my mother some money and my mom divided it up between me and my siblings and it amounted to about 2,000 dollars.  The Mac SE with an ImageWriter dot matrix printer cost me about $1,899.00 total.  I didn't hesitate in the least to secure my first personal computer. 

Since day one, the only real word processor or office suite I have ever used on the Mac has been from Microsoft.  Now I am not a Microsoft-hater, but when you have the 800 lb gorilla on the market and their product seems to be sub-standard, you look for alternatives.  I was never a fan of Apple's Suite (first written by Claris, entitled Claris Works).  Even now, Pages, Numbers and Keynote applications are alright, but not stellar. 

So coming from the LINUX world, I knew that OpenOffice works and works well for my needs.  But the Mac version prior to 3.0 was a X11 derivative that really sucked hard.  It wasn't based in AQUA and had to load X11 libraries to run properly - SUCKED!!!

Now with 3.0, OpenOffice is poised to make a difference on the Apple platform.  No longer will I be held to utilizing Microsoft's ONLY offering which is VERY slow on my Intel Core Duo 2.0 Ghz iMac.  It is very pokey!  Yet OpenOffice opens very fast and seems to have all the hooks I need.

...and... if OpenOffice is good enough for Wil Wheaton - than hell!  I am there!  (just kidding - been using OpenOffice since it was StarOffice and a paid model from Star Division).


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blah and the Kindle!

Well, here I am back at work, back at home after a very nice vacation.

Same Ole' Feelin'
But that same old feeling from two weeks ago is slowly creeping back into my daily routine. That, 'why the frak am I doing this shit still?' type of feeling.  The vacation was awesome.  On a scale of 1 to 10, this vacation ranked right up around 8, maybe a smidge above into 8.5 range (or if I was an Olympic Gymnastic Judge, it would have been a 14.225 or something of that sort).

Why wasn't it perfect?

I think the problem is that it really took me 4-5 days to slough off the past year of hard work and putting up with people's problems.  By the time I was feeling relieved, we were getting ready to leave again!  That is what IRKS me.  1 week just is not enough. 2 weeks next year - I think!

We spent a lovely week in Newport Beach, CA and I cannot say enough about it.  I am not a terrible happy beach goer!  I like the sand and I really liked not being connected to my reality back home as I dived head first into a few novels.  BTW - Stephanie Myers Vampire series ROCKS!  (I polished off the first two books on vacation - some 900 pages worth total and am now 1/2 way through the 3rd book).

Wanna see pictures?

New Gizmos
So I came back home, rebuilt my personal system and put in new video card - now here are the specs:
  • Quad Core Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB of 800Mhz RAM
  • 500 GB Sata II drive (MS Windows Vista Ultimate)
  • 300 GB Sata II drive (Linux Flavor-of-the-Month) (Currently UBUNTU 8.04)
  • Sapphire ATI 3870 PCI-e 512 MB DDR4 video adapter (rocks)
The system rocks!  I like it a lot.  It is very fast and very versatile - I use it as a Windows Media Center system as well as for gaming and general work stuff.

My newest gizmo (to be delivered tomorrow) is the Amazon Kindle.  While I was on vacation, I had the hardest time trying to find the Stephanie Meyers books - so I thought to myself... if I had the KINDLE, I could like - browse over-the-air and purchase the book from the comfort of my jammies on the porch of my beach house!  WTF?  Why didn't I think of that to begin with?

So, I will be making mine the KINDLE very shortly!

Well - back to work - write more later!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Windows Modular - Critique of Vapor OS

I just read an interesting read over at Ars Technica about the next version of Windows (named Windows 7, as of now) and speculation on the reason why it will 'suck'.

As I read it, there is a compelling argument for moving away from the ONE SIZE FITS ALL pricing of an OS to a more modularized approach of picking the parts you want/need and paying for those.

However, too much speculation is written on what could only be gleamed from the little bits and pieces we have heard about the OS.  I don't think it is fair to write such a piece so early in the process.  Last time I checked, there wasn't a ONE SIZE FITS ALL price for VISTA as is!  You got:


I think a modular form of Operating System will benefit Microsoft in helping keep in check the rampart libraries with multiple exploits and will help steel the OS against future attacks.  I commend Microsoft and hope they implement and execute on their plan properly, or face the scorn of the user community.  Let's not revisit a Vista debacle again.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Frak Yeah! BSG starts again!

For those un-initiated, the above statement is actually very confusing and even bordering on the belligerent side of things. But for those of you who are initiated and do understand the above statement, all I have to say is:

So Say We All!

Friday, April 3, 2008 marks Season 4 and the final best season ever.  Predictions (some are fairly obvious):

  • The colonists will find Earth
  • Rosalin will die before the colonists reaches the homeworld (this was prophesied)
  • The last cylon is Gaius Baltar

If you have not seen any of the Battlestar Galactica series yet - I highly recommend it.  The series has won some serious awards for stories, effects and it is even capturing people who would not normally watch a science fiction series.

The effects alone in the stories are cinematic in scope, alone!

Anyway - you know what I will be doing tomorrow night!



Friday, January 18, 2008

Anti-Spamer fined for DNS lookup?

Yes, you did read it correctly - full story - read the article - I won't post the contents of it here - just my observation (protected under the 1st Amendment - thank God).

I cannot believe that using standard troubleshooting techniques and procedures, that I could someday be prosecuted for illegally use or 'hacking' of a computer system.  DNS and WHOIS by nature are public address devices.  Their whole JOB is to serve data to the Internet. 

You can read more here too.

The part I find distressing in the JUDGE'S written notice is:

3. At various other times, Ritz issued a variety of commands, including host -l, helo, and vrfy. The afore-mentioned commands are not commonly known to the average computer user.

4. Ritz frequently accomplished his access to Sierra's computers by concealing his identity via proxies and by accessing the servers via a Unix operating system and using a shell accounts, among other methods. He also disguised himself as a mail server.

I don't agree with some of the judge's wording - I know of admins who utilize those commands to troubleshoot issues - HELO and VRFY are mail commands - yes - to impersonate a mail system.  But these are published standards (RFC's) that document these and the intended results of communication - I guess it really matters in the context of what the commands were being used as.

In any rate - a JUDGE, unless guided by a technical entity should not be making these decisions, at least not lightly.

My two cents,


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