Sunday, October 12, 2008

OpenOffice 3.0 Macintosh Version Shines!

OpenOffice 3.0 on the Intel Macintosh simply shines!

I have been using a Mac for about the past billion years (it seems everyone likes to throw that moniker out lately, so I thought I would too).  OK - really, I have been using Apple Macintosh products sincd 1989.  My first Mac was an Apple Macintosh SE with dual 800k floppy drives and 1 MB of RAM.  I was able to secure the computer because of my grandfather's passing. He left my mother some money and my mom divided it up between me and my siblings and it amounted to about 2,000 dollars.  The Mac SE with an ImageWriter dot matrix printer cost me about $1,899.00 total.  I didn't hesitate in the least to secure my first personal computer. 

Since day one, the only real word processor or office suite I have ever used on the Mac has been from Microsoft.  Now I am not a Microsoft-hater, but when you have the 800 lb gorilla on the market and their product seems to be sub-standard, you look for alternatives.  I was never a fan of Apple's Suite (first written by Claris, entitled Claris Works).  Even now, Pages, Numbers and Keynote applications are alright, but not stellar. 

So coming from the LINUX world, I knew that OpenOffice works and works well for my needs.  But the Mac version prior to 3.0 was a X11 derivative that really sucked hard.  It wasn't based in AQUA and had to load X11 libraries to run properly - SUCKED!!!

Now with 3.0, OpenOffice is poised to make a difference on the Apple platform.  No longer will I be held to utilizing Microsoft's ONLY offering which is VERY slow on my Intel Core Duo 2.0 Ghz iMac.  It is very pokey!  Yet OpenOffice opens very fast and seems to have all the hooks I need.

...and... if OpenOffice is good enough for Wil Wheaton - than hell!  I am there!  (just kidding - been using OpenOffice since it was StarOffice and a paid model from Star Division).


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