Sunday, December 28, 2008

POEMS - Found Again on Internet Archives...

I was perusing the Internet yesterday and ran across this amazing site which had ARCHIVES of my old site. But not just my site, but all sites on the Internet. I simply typed in my URL, and the site returned to me dates of when my site changed - so I could go back to Mid-2001 and view my first public facing website.

Amazing. I found a couple of poems I wrote that I thought I lost forever and I found some scathing dialogues against my old employer, eHealthInsurance because of a work dispute we had.

Anyway, I won't dwell on the past, but revel in the recovery of two small technological poems I created in 1999 and 2000. Here is the first of those two poems:

by Bill Teeple

A flick of the switch,
and it pulses to life.

Fans whirling, drives spinning,
Electricity Imbimbing.

This is the START & I await the happy computers greeting

will it start, will it stop, will it stall

Action, icons appear, bringing form
to microscopic 0's and 1's

So begins the magical dance as
my clicks and drags manipulate
and transform the 0's to 1's and
the 1's to 0's.

Form and function travel in
the ether contained from diode to diode.
Much to small to see,
but it's there. I smell it... I can taste it.

Have you tasted it lately?
You may have and not known it.
I cannot describe it; it changes so fast

... technology... changes... everything

...even us.

I will post the other one... in a few days!


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