Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kudo's to Apple, removing DRM - but sucks for me!

Why, you might ask?  Well, I have been using iTunes and purchasing from that fine institution since about 2003.  I have approximately 2,701 total songs (242 individual, and 149 albums) that are eligible for upgrading. 

An UPGRADE of my iTunes + account to make all my previous purchases NON-DRM would run me $548.93 - Ummmh, not worth it.

I don't or haven't had any need to use my music in anything other than my:

  • 1 GB iPod Shuffle

  • 4 GB iPod Nano (2nd Gen)

  • 8 GB iPod Nano (3rd Gen)

  • 16 GB iPod Nano (4th Gen)

  • 40 GB iPod Photo

  • 60 GB iPod Video

  • 160 GB iPod Classic

  • 8 GB iPhone 3G

  • 40 GB Apple TV

Yes - I know I have enough shit to choke a horse, but I really only use the 160 GB Classic (10%), 4th Gen iPod Nano (60%), and the Apple TV for music enjoyment so... All my stuff is Apple and legal anyway!

I am glad they finally have gone NON-DRM, but I am not worried about my old stuff - What do I want to see?

Musical Repository that multiple collections can see and 'UPDATE' automatically!  My music is already stored on a server, but it isn't worth spending 500 dollars to upgrade... not yet...

BTW - my music collection is now at:

  • 20,185 items

  • would play for 58 days, 22 minutes and 41 seconds if I started it today

  • and amounts to 91.26 GB's of space on my server (not including movies)


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