Monday, February 23, 2009

I.T. Quick Tip O-tha’ Day! – WSUS Move

Sometimes you just run out of disk space on your WSUS server and need to move your repository.  Run your Command Prompt (cmd.exe) application, change to the C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools folder and run the following command:

wsusutil.exe movecontent <new drive and path> <logfile name>


wsusutil.exe movecontent d:\wsus_repository c:\movelogfile.txt


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Support DD-WRT Project - The Other White Meat!

It is really amazing how technologically dependent our lives have become.  Day in and day out, we are immersed within our digitally connected cocoons tapping out our thoughts, emotions, communiques with other cocoons, whether those other cocoons are friends, workers, enemies, or business acquaintances.

Most of us connect wirelessly and most of those, take the technology for granted.  It either came 'bundled' with their high speed ISP modem or people made the conscious decision and purchased their own modem.  If you fall into the second category of wireless modems/users, you should check out the following project: DD-WRT

What does DD-WRT do?  In a nutshell, the wireless modem you use has an operating system. It is a mini-computer that routes your traffic through it's wireless interface to your network.  It boots up when you plug it in, loads the OS and runs your packets.  Now what does DD-WRT do that is better than your 'stock' wireless modem's operating system? 

The question really becomes - what DOESN'T it do?  The DD-WRT is a replacement of your stock FIRMWARE on your modem and it allows for really cool network enhancements and features that you would find on 500-800 dollar modem, like VLAN tagging, dual SSID broadcasting, SSH shell access to the modem.

Anyway - very cool project, full of geekdom - works best with LINKSYS/CISCO based wireless routers and is very robust!

Give it a shot!

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