Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stay Away: IE 8

OK – with very little fanfare and even less enthusiasm from the populace at hand, Microsoft released IE 8.0.  I should say UNLEASHED, instead of RELEASED.  What a poor implementation of a browser.  It is almost as if with each subsequent release of the software, it gets a little poorer and a little harder to use.  We install it, because it is thrust upon us, and we start using it with its faults and we get ‘used’ to those faults, so when the next version comes out, we hope that it will be better and take the plunge, only to find the cycle has started over again.

I installed IE 8 on my laptop and my home system (both Vista, SP1) and found that my browsing experience has slowed to a crawl.

Not only that, bringing up ‘simple’ web pages now initiates this thing called COMPATIBILITY MODE – what the hell is that?! When I mean ‘simple’ web page, I mean MRTG based page – some text, and a couple of static graphics that auto-refresh.  No Java Script, nothing of the sort.

And if I wasn’t in COMPATIBILITY MODE, my images would break and all this shit would happen.  CRAPPY!

I uninstalled it – packed it away and went back to IE 7. 

To add ‘insult’ to injury – just try finding the UNINSTALL function for IE 8 on Vista – doesn’t exist – there is no UNINSTALL feature – you have to download a utility from Microsoft to uninstall IE 8.  Ummm, don’t look now, but I think that violates the Microsoft clause on software that is ‘designed for Windows XP’ where it says an application must have an entry in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS. 


Do not install IE 8 – Wait for Firefox 4 or Safari 4 or whatever!


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