Monday, June 8, 2009

AT&T - Continually chipping away at my loyalty

Keynote address just completed at the Moscone Center and Apple introduced some cool new things.  I am a big believer in the iPhone and love the technology. 

Imagine my surprise when the iPhone 3GS was announced - OK - I wasn't that surprised - there was wide-spread speculation on the Internet about the release of a new iPhone.  But some of the features are pretty cool.

So - what the heck - let's upgrade.  Following the keynote, dashed off to a browser to the Apple Store and put an iPhone 3GS in my shopping cart.  Went to check my plan from AT&T  for upgrade options... and... AT&T returned with NO OPTIONS but full retail price.

Now, I understand all the underwriting and 2 year contracts and all that crap from AT&T, but I have been a loyal user of AT&T since 1998 - over 11 years - and I would have to pay:

  • $599.00 for the 16 GB version

  • $699.00 for the 32 GB version

Hey AT&T - go F'  yourselves.  I don't think so.  I just purchased my iPhone 3G in December - I will milk it for the next year... then maybe Apple will partner with Verizon or Sprint and the iPhone will be issued on their networks - I got no problem jumping this ship... You can either keep me at my 90/month for the next several years, or lose me and I will pay the $150.00 disconnect fee... 2 months worth...  no problem!

Listen to the people.


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